Mite Select

This team will be selected through a tryout, have additional practice time (5), and travel to a couple tournaments through out the year. The games will be more competitive and the practices slightly more rigorous and advanced. The roster will consist of 7-11 skaters and 2 goalies.

Mite Select is limited to skaters already enrolled in NIHA U8 House Program.


Players 2106-2014 Birth Year with at least 1 year of hockey experience.


Tryouts - Sunday 10/30 6:00PM - 6:50PM.


Tryouts and all Practices will be held at LGRIA and will be 50 minutes.


11/17 - Thursday @ 6:30 PM

12/4 - Sunday @ 6:00 PM

1/12 - Thursday @ 6:30 PM

1/29 - Sunday @ 6:00 PM

2/12 - Sunday @ 6:00 PM


The season will be comprised of 2-3 tournaments as decided by coaches and team parents.


Jerseys will be order as part of the fees. These will not be the official Generals jerseys based on timing of order.

Extra Costs

Fees will be determined by coach and team manager based on tournament selection. The initial budget would be around $400 per player.

Fall 2022-2023

Eligible players 2106-2014 Birth Year with at least 1 year of hockey experience already enrolled in NIHA 8U House program.

Tryouts - Sunday 10/30 6:00PM - 6:50PM at LGRIA

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