NIHA Scholarship Program Policies:

Some children are unable to participate due to economic hardship. The NIHA scholarship program provides financial assistance to reduce fees.

1. Need is the primary criterion upon which applications are considered

2. An application for a scholarship shall be submitted by the registration deadline of 9/30

3. Each application must be accompanied by the following attachments: A. Copy of most recent parent/guardian pay stub(s) or other documentation of income. B. Completed registration forms for the season.

4. The NIHA scholarship program seeks contributions from individuals, social groups, clubs, businesses and service organizations to assist in providing financial assistance.

5. The program is limited to financial aid for paying registration fees.

6. NIHA and the scholarship committee reserve the right to limit the amount of financial aid awarded to a player.

7. All applicants must be under 18 years of age.

8. Based on the degree of need, NIHA will award only up to 90% of the total house registration fee for an accepted scholarship applicant.

9. Percentage of scholarship aid will be based upon the standard annual financial assistance guideline table used by the YMCA to determine levels of assistance.

10. Once a percentage of scholarship aid is determined, the amount that a household can pay will be used to adjust the aid level if necessary so that the two combined do not exceed the amount of the total registration fee.

11. The amount granted to an applicant on a travel, junior varsity or varsity team shall not exceed the highest fee paid for a house player at the same level. If there is no house team at the player’s level, the amount granted shall not exceed the highest fee paid for a house player at the next lowest classification.

12. A limited number of scholarships are available on an annual basis.

13. Each family will be expected to report the number of hours they volunteered for the season by February 28. Failure to volunteer will be considered when applying for future scholarships.

14. Players are expected to attend the majority of practices and games unless injured. Failure to attend practices and games will be considered when applying for future scholarships. Scholarship aid process:

Process once Submitted:

1. Applications will be received and processed by the NIHA treasurer and then forwarded to the scholarship committee for approval.

2. Applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee.

3. The scholarship committee will present their recommendations to the NIHA board for approval.

4. The scholarship committee chair will contact the applicant with the decision of the committee.

Applications and attachments should be submitted to:

Newark Ice Arena Attention : NIHA Treasurer

936 Sharon Valley Road

Newark, Ohio 43055

*All information submitted will remain confidential and be kept on file only as long as required by law and then destroyed.

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