Stick Handling Challenge

Rob Sangster’s At Home Stick Handling Challenge

Before we get started, READ the GET YOUR STICK RIGHT!...and GET YOUR STICK RIGHT!!

….Ok, now that we got that out of the way, lets get into the quickest way to improve your


What is this?

This is a way to increase your puck handling skills and improve your shot without even going to

the rink!

Who is this for?

All current NIHA players/members.

How does it work?

For every day completed, there will be a prize! Some prizes will be small, some will be big! It all

depends on your participation.

How do you keep score?

Have your parent or guardian witness the participation and sign off on a paper calendar (Some

can utilize the NHL Hockey stickers) and turn it in by the deadline.

What’s next?

Start stick handling!!

3 reps of 25 in each position; 5 total postions. Left handed start on left and right handed start on


Starts: January 1, 2024

Ends: February 29, 2024


Top 3

Will receive a mini stick or a Wraparound blade protector and any other applicable prizes listed

below based on participation.

25 Days of participation

Will receive an autographed Rob Sangster trading card. Limited to 4 participants. If more than 4

participants, will be awarded through a name draw.

15 Days of participation

Will be entered to win a stick handling ball (3 winners)

10 Days of participation

Will receive a roll of stick tape either white or black.

5 Days of participation

Will receive a pack of hockey trading cards.

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