Adult Tournaments


18 and over


Moe’s draft leagues are held in the Spring and Summer. Spring 2024 session Draft party is May 5h. Games run May to June.


Moes Original BBQ &

Lou Gib Reese ice arena


6 game guarantee.. Championship game for 1st 2 seeds


Hockey, BBQ, Beer, cool jersey, fun, and friends


Tournament branded jerseys will be provided as a part of registration.

Moe's DRAFT league HOUSE rules

  • 3, 15 minute running clock periods
  • penalties result in penalty shots
  • teams get 2 "Money light turn on's" per game
  • Money light on at the last two minutes of every period if we remember
  • money light on? its 2 for the scoring team regardless of who turned on the light
  • money light on and a penalty called? That's a 2 point penalty shot right there.
  • goalies don't change net's during intermission. Stay bench side tenders.
  • Stats are not being tracked. Results are. But this is just for fun you know
  • Goals scored by referees are worth 3 points.
  • Subs need to be of equal level skill of the person they are replacing.
  • Icing is up to the Refs discretion

Skill Levels

Any. this is pretty much just about having a good time and enjoying hockey. So if you are able to play hockey and have fun doing it with others... you are good here! The league's goal is to keep team competitive and balance rosters when needed. If you are upper level expect to watch your passes bounce off people’s skates. If you are lower level, prepare to be humbled. This is a die hard session for people that are not done playing hockey and enjoy having fun!

2024 Spring Moes Draft League

Who: anyone 18 years old with a USA  hockey registration and full protective hockey equipment. 

What: New players will be onto existing teams drafted during the private Draft party that includes Beer and BBQ at Moe's original BBQ in downtown Newark.  (Attendance of draft party not required)   Skaters will fill out bio cards during registration that will be used by the newly formed team's to select players in the draft. The last 2 rounds of players will be auto assigned to teams.  All players will receive a tournament branded practice jersey with their new team's color.  Full ice 4 on 4 Games will be played

When: games will be played Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30 pm   

Why:  Hockey, BBQ, beer, fun, and friends

How Much?   Prices depending on registration   Returning players $158 for 6 games   

Moe's $20 sub sammy fee. Play a game but no jersey for you! 


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